Thursday, April 26, 2012

Filler Post

I realize it's been awhile since I posted.  If history repeats itself, it looks like I'll be updating this blog a couple of times a month...

Sorry my updates have been so sporadic.  Initially I thought I would sit down and type about my life in NYC on a more regimented schedule, but that hasn't happened.  Nothing about Manhattan is really regimented.  As much as I think about getting into a routine, I've come to the conclusion that New York isn't the routine kind of place.

I did have a smoothie for breakfast yesterday and today, and I attempt to spend atleast one night during the work week in my apartment relaxing, painting my nails, cleaning, etc.  I think it is really important to have some "me" time. 

I usually reserve Thursday night for my "me" night.  It's a great breather leading into the weekend; however, I am now meeting up with a friend instead of doing my original plan of relaxing and watching last night's Revenge.

I guess what I'm getting at, is while it isn't necessarily easy to have a routine, it is imperative and realistic to set aside some "me" time.  It just might not always be on the same day or at the same time. 

This weekend is the first in quite awhile that I won't have to work the majority of the weekend.  With the festival and concert season fast approaching, I am really looking forward to having a weekend to do whatever with whomever.  Unfortunately, the weather isn't great right now.  :/

A friend and I were talking about going to the Brooklyn Flea on Saturday, which is supposed to be a really fun, outdoor flea market with a ton of indie and vintage booths with clothes, jewelry, and awesome street food.  Apparently it is every Saturday, and there are some really cute and affordable items there. 

I guess this has been more of a filler post.  I feel like a lot hasn't happened lately.  I've just been really busy with work.  Nothing too exciting or noteworthy has happened. 

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