Thursday, March 22, 2012

Trip to DC

Last weekend I went back to DC for the first time since moving to NYC. I was a little nervous. I was so excited to see my friends, but I wasn't sure how it was going to feel.

It ended up being the best possible combination. I was so excited to see my friends and had a really good weekend; however, it was apparent to me that NYC really is where I am meant to be at this stage in my life.

On Friday night, Libby and Ryan picked me up at Union Station. Libby had made homemade lasagna and made ceasar salad and bought my favorite kind of Ben and Jerry's. When we got to the house, it was like returning home. Everything was so cozy, and I knew where stuff was. I really enjoyed the 1.5 years I lived in that house, and I really felt like I wasn't a guest.

I spoke to my mom after the trip, and she pointed out that returning to Libby's house probably feels more like home to me than when I go to Memphis since I never actually lived in the house my mom is in now.

Saturday morning, Alex picked me up, and we spent the day together. We went to brunch at a restaurant where our friend works. We then went to her brother's house and played games, hung out outside, and ate abunch of food and drank green beer. It was a super festive and gorgeous day. It was great seeing people and getting to catch up with friends.

Later that night, we went to Alex's coworker's party and then to our favorite bar in DC. Our good friend, Chris, drove us around all night. He was a great sport, and it was awesome to have a safe way to get around the city.

It was a little strange having to think about where to leave the car and how to get safely from point a to point b. That's one of the best things about Manhattan. There isn't the stress of having a car. I think this is part of the reason why there are so many happy hours. Having a car is a pain. Yes, I said it. My 16 year old self would be ashamed I just admitted a car can be a nuisance.

Sunday, I went to the movies and saw 21 Jump Street. It was hilarious. I highly recommend seeing it. I then went to get Thai for lunch with some friends. This was when I got to catch up with Sylvia and Southee, whom I didn't see earlier in the weekend.

After lunch, Libby, Ryan, and I just went back to the house and relaxed. Libby and I fell asleep on the couch with the animals in our laps. It was perfect.

For dinner, I went over to Alex's parents house. It was great seeing them. I love that family, and the Weishars are the nicest most hospitable people. I feel so blessed to have gotten to know this family.

All in all, I had a wonderful weekend of catching up with friends and getting 2 homecooked meals!

Getting back and forth to DC is really easy and affordable, and I plan on going every 2-3 months.

Having spent the weekend with such good friends, I was reminded that I am very greatful for everyone I have to hang out with in NYC.

In NYC, I tend to hang out with people on an individual basis versus in a clique like I have in the past. I am having so much fun with the various people I am getting the opportunity to reconnect with and know on a deeper level.

It's hard to believe I have lived in NYC for 2 months. The adventure is just beginning!

Monday, March 5, 2012

I just reread my last blog post. I have gotten much better about eating meals at actual meal time and having smoothies and trying to eat better. That said, I did have dinner last night at midnight. It wsa a slice of pizza. I guess you can say it's a work in progress. I also have yet to buy fruit from a fruit stand, but it is on my to do list! I'll get to it one of these days. :)

A lot of you have been asking about my living situation. In order for people to understand/relate, I compare it to living in the doorms (but more expensive). It's an adjustment getting used to sharing close quarters with someone else. I really love my apartment though. It's in a great area and a good value (by New York standards).

My roommate is 22 and from China, and I never see her. We have opposite schedules. Honestly, I live in a small apartment with her and probably see her once a week.

Last Sunday was the first chance we got since I moved in to hang out. We walked to Greenwich Village and window shopped and had lunch. It was a really awesome and relaxing afternoon and cool to get to know her.

We walked past this chain link fence that had all of these tiles on it that were painted by little children. They're all about 9/11. They are heart wrenching but that awful event is something we need to be reminded of. This city was torn apart by that event, and walking past Ground Zero and seeing this fence reminds you of that.

Last Thursday, I went to a charity event. All proceeds went towards providing underprivileged girls with all of their prom needs. It was a cocktail event at a lounge near Times Square. The tickets were $35, and there was an open bar from 7-8:30 and then a cash bar after that. There were liquor sponsors (Ultimat vodka and Patron), a raffle drawing, and a silent auction. I'm glad I got to go. It felt very "New York" to go to party for a night, where the proceeds benefit a charitable cause, or maybe that's just the impression Gossip Girl gives of New York...

I went to Dallas for business last week, which was fun. It's amazing how it feels to be in another city after spending days and days in Manhattan. It's like visiting another world. Even large cities seems small and sleepy.

Other than that, things have been pretty lowkey for me the past several days. I worked this weekend and didn't do much.

Yesterday, I went to brunch with Jessie. One thing I've learned is New Yorkers are serious about their brunch. Brunch lasts for hours. What you think/plan/anticipate is going to be grabbing a meal with some friends for a couple of hours turns into an entire day. I've been to brunch a few times since moving here and have yet to return to my apartment in a timely manner post brunch. It's awesome, and I love it.

It's been 6 weeks, and NYC is still awesome. The fact that I live here still hasn't completely sunk in. I mean it's the best city in America (besides Memphis of course ;)), and I am blessed to be able to now call it home.